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Why This Project Matters

It’s hard to believe that this year marks 50 years of ministry for me as well as the fact that I will be turning 70 years old. And, in case any of you were wondering, I’m not even thinking about slowing down! There are still Mountains of Ministry opportunities ahead.

I will neither stop nor slow down. Period. For those who know me, you know why. Because there are still kids out there who are rejected, there are still ones who have been forgotten. Kids who may seem hopeless, but, it’s that they just don’t have any hope, you know what I’m talking about.

So, for my 70th birthday, I’m climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. That means 175,000 feet to climb to the top. It’s a big task, just like everything we’ve done together in ministry so far. Just like the way over 253,000 heard the story of Jesus through Operation Holiday Hope last year; the tens of thousands of first time decisions; the thousands of children being fed through Metro World Child, the countless number of kids who heard about Jesus through this work. There have been a lot of big mountains in the past.

And just like those mountains of the past, your partnership for the next Mountain is more valuable than ever.

I want to personally raise $1 for every step I take. That means $175,000 for 175,000 steps. You can give $100 towards 100 steps, $1,000 towards 1,000 steps, or even $100,000 to sponsor 100,000 steps.

The mountain is big, but God is bigger. Together we can do this. Will you help me climb this Mountain?

Recent Donations

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Donated $1,296.99

Mr. Lars Paul Tislevoll Donated $25.00

I have been blessed through this ministry, through the preaching and testimony of Pastor Bill.

David, Jon and Cath L. Lee Donated $25.00

Happy Birthday Pastor Bill

Marcel and Stefanie Schwander Donated $4,100.00

Beverly Beard Donated $192.00

Eugene T. and Fredlena Roles Donated $20.00

Jennifer Lee Donated $220.00

Have a wonderful birthday at the top of the mountain!!!

Raymond Than Donated $180.00

Eveline and Robert Arkley Donated $129.26

Laura McCartney Donated $75.00

WOW Incredible effort Pastor Bill Climbing with real purpose!!
Cheering you on from Northern Ireland. You are such an inspiration (HERO)!!!
You can do this I have every faith in you, stay encouraged!
Prayers go with you and the team.
Best Wishes for the adventure ahead!