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Why This Project Matters

Hello! My name is Levi White. For those of you who don't know me, I am 20 years old and I am from a small town in Indiana, and have been on and off the mission field since I was eleven years old. This internship is unlike anything I've ever done in the past, when I went through the first part of this internship (level one) I was blown away by the level of responsibility I was given as well as by the sheer tenacity, determination, and passion, and commitment I saw in all of these people who had committed their lives to this. The growth I received from that experience was immeasurable. But the other side of this is those involved in the ministry are actively involved in the lives of those we share our message of hope with. You see real life. You start to understand that without this, without the ministry, some of these kids have no other real model for their life. Some may not ever get to really learn the importance of the gospel. Not without Metro World Child. That's what hit me, and that's why I'm here, because I know this message isn't something I take lightly, this isn't just a fleeting experience. Hope is on the line and I have an opportunity to be the person that shares that with these kids. I am officially on and a part of the internship for a level two, to take that chance to really develop myself further as a leader and to grow in my relationship with God in the process. But the truth is, I came without the finances to provide for this event. Metro has given me an amazing opportunity to fundraise while I am here, and that's exactly why I am making this page. I am asking you, like I am here on the Becøming, working to become the difference... to join along side me in becoming the difference. You can join me in becoming by making a donation here on this page. 

Thank you so much and God bless!

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